VEMIX's DO IT YOUR FUCKING SELF, Beginners Kit (Now comes with Intermediate)
You can now pretend to be an artist in the comfort of your home. Just like VEMIX!
Comes with all the bells and whistles to create your own Mash up Masterpieces!
A great gift for those friends and family that are into spin painting. They can finally feel what its like to be a real, big deal, famous artist.


1. pair of kinda official SCOTCH x VEMIX collab scissors
1. Stick of almost official UHU x VEMIX collab glue stick
2. complete, Photochops
1. half used pack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Scratch N Sniff stickers
and a couple VEMIX ones too

Look Ma! I'm doing it my fucking self!

*This is a 1/1